Kent Carmichael's Loosecoupler Detector

Loose coupler crystal radio, main view.

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Dear Mike,

It was a pleasure visiting with you over the phone today. With this email there are several pictures, different views of the crystal radio, a little description on what was used to build it.

The large primary coil was wound on a 4 inch ABS pipe with insulated 24 gauge copper wire, approximately 200 turns counterclockwise direction. This coil is supported with a combination of four door stop bases and four large half pieces of gold toilet paper holders.

The small secondary coil is made from a 3" ABS pipe with insulated 22 gauge copper wire, approximately 170 turns counterclockwise. This is supported on two round 1/4" brass rods standing on two brass door stop units.

The two thumb screws that hold the rods are from large commercial speakers. As this secondary coil was wound every 1/2" a coil tap was inserted into the tubing, six total. These taps were later wired into 6 bolts that are on the face of the wood dial plate.

The stand for the crystal diode cat whisker was made from the magnetic holder that came with the door stop.

The bottom part is from the female section of a garden hose. Basically, all these parts were bought at Home Depot with the exception of the ornate gold cap balls that came from my wife's jewelry making stash.

Mike, I hope this helps you answer any questions that may arise.

Kindest regards, Kent

Loose coupler crystal radio, end view.

Loose coupler crystal radio, top view.

Loose coupler crystal radio, end view.

Loose coupler crystal radio, during construction.

Me and my radio during construction.

Kent demonstrating his loosecoupler radio on YouTube.

Wow! What craftsmanship and beautiful, well thought-out design! – Mike Peebles

Here is an updated video of Kent's Radio