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Peebles Originals Visitors Pages Section

Hello fellow radio builders and bystanders. For years I have built my radios and shown them off in various venues, including this website. Now I am offering you the chance to show off what you have built. I do have a few suggestions to make this page interesting to us all.

All the pictures and text sent must be original, produced by you. They should not appear elsewhere on the web, if possible. (It gives the meaning to Peebles Originals.) If you have a schematic drawing, that would be outstanding.

Pictures need not be cropped or otherwise adjusted as my webmaster will take care of that. The pictures should be clear and sharp.

Please don't write anything for this section until you have sent in the pictures with a short description of your project. It will be up to me and my webmaster to make the decision for inclusion in this section.

If English isn't your primary language, don't worry. My webmaster said he would fix the grammar or spelling errors.

Students are especially encouraged to participate. If you wish, the webmaster will add your e-mail address (encrypted to prevent spamming) so you may receive comments directly. If you have a website, a link can be added in your presentation.

My e-mail is at the top of my order page. Ok, now on to your projects!

Christopher Nitzband's Crystal Set Project

Christopher Nitzband's Crystal Set Radios are common in society today. Radios are used for many purposes in everyday life. Radio technology have been present for many decades, however it was not until the 1920s that people bought and kept radios in their homes just for entertainment purposes.   Continue reading …

Nick's 2 Valve Regen Set

Hi this is a brief write up of one of my ever growing number of homemade radios and radio related projects some of which are described in detail on This particular set is based on a hybrid valve regen kit I built with several improvements of my own to enhance performance.   Continue reading …

Nick's Single Valve Regen Radio

Hi I am still playing but have gone off the beaten track a bit with my choice of valves for this my latest set, The Minuet (Minute). This set is small for me being only around a five inch square base. Continue reading …

Kent Carmichael's Radio Sculpture

Starting at the bottom there is one variable 250 pF capacitor and a 24 pin rotary dial to individually pick an array of 7 coils. A six pole double throw switch is used to isolate IC chips. The next switch is to control part of the regenerative process of the main tube. And the last switch is to control AM-FM frequencies and Short Wave. >Continue reading …